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This Month in History: October 2022

By Austin Morris

Staff Writer

October 2nd, 1976 – Thurgood Marshall is sworn in as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Marshall was nominated by President Lyndon Johnson and was the first African American to serve on the nation’s highest court. Marshall would serve as a Justice on the Supreme Court until 1991, during which time he championed civil liberties and staunchly opposed the death penalty.

October 12th, 1492 – Christopher Columbus makes landfall in the Bahamas, claiming it for the King and Queen of Spain. Columbus had been seeking a western trade route to Asia, and he mistakenly thought he had landed in the Indies Islands.

October 21st, 1805 – The Battle of Trafalgar takes place off the southwest coast of Spain. The outnumbered British fleet, under the command of Admiral Horatio Nelson defeated the combined fleet of Spain and France. The combined Spanish and French fleet had been meant to win control of the English Channel, to allow Napoleon to invade England. Admiral Nelson was shot and killed by a French musket during the battle.

October 24th, 1945 – The charter of the United Nations goes into force. Initially having just fifty members, today the United Nations has 193 member states. Chartered with the primary goal of maintaining international peace and security, today the United Nations plays a vital role in advocating for human rights. The UN is headquartered in New York City, with main offices in Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna, and The Hague.

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