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Club Spotlight: Pottery Club

Pottery Club members Jennifer Lane and Cadyn Dingle.
Pottery Club members Jennifer Lane and Caidyn Dingle.

By Alex Burt

Titan Shout President

From jars and jugs to plates and pots, clay holds vast potential. One of GTCC's newest clubs gives students a chance to tap into it and harness their own creativity.

The GTCC Pottery Club was established in Fall 2022 on the college's Jamestown campus. Advised by Professor William Bailey, the club meets every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Gerrald Hall in room 217. It offers a place where the whole GTCC community can come to geek out on anything related to pottery making and collecting.

"It's something I do because I love the arts anyway," said Jennifer Lane. "It's all interconnected. [Pottery] is another facet that I like to pursue." She said that making pottery offers a relaxing break from thinking about homework.

Bailey said that while club participation varies, approximately ten students regularly attend. “We are just a group of people that are interested in making pottery," he said. "We have lots of fun projects like mugs, bowls, ornaments, vases, etc. We work in different hand-building techniques and have been teaching our members wheel-throwing as well.” In other words, students can expect to learn new skills and have fun participating in an art class type of environment.

The Pottery Club is not limited to fine arts majors and welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds. Those who find that they enjoy working with clay and want to learn more can also take Ceramics classes.

Zac Goldstein contributed to this report.

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