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Midterm Elections: What Every Voter Needs to Know

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By Austin Morris

Staff Writer

Midterm elections are less than a week away, and with them, voters will have a chance to make decisions that can impact their communities, their nation, and the world at large. Knowing where and when to vote as well as what is at stake can help voters make educated decisions when they go to cast their ballots.

In Guilford County, the most high-profile race is for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Richard Burr, who is not seeking re-election. Contenders for the seat include Cheri Beasley (D), Ted Budd (R), Shannon Bray (L), and Matthew Hoh (G). The U.S. Congress District 6 seat currently held by Kathy Manning (D) is on the ballot as well. Manning faces challenges from Christian Castelli (R) and Thomas Watercott (L). However, voters will also choose candidates to sit on the Guilford County Board of Education, to serve them in the North Carolina State Legislature, and so many more.

While midterm elections often see poor voter turnout, the offices contested this year have a tremendous impact on the day-to-day lives of people living in this community. The board of commissioners enacts county ordinances and oversees the hiring of county employees. The board of education is responsible for the upkeep of schools and for issues relating to curriculum. It is vital that voters understand the duties of their officials and who fills those offices.

Early voting is active right now and will conclude on Saturday, November 5th. During early voting, same-day registration is permitted, should you need to register or change your address.

Election Day will take place on November 8th. Take the time to research your candidates and understand the gravity of the decision you are making so that you can make the right choices for yourself and your community.

Know Before You Vote

Full of candidates running for office:

To find out which districts you live in, and to check your registration status, simply search your name here:

Find your early voting site here:

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